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What every non-union employee should know.

IT’S A FACT! – Every day millions of non-union employees enter into employment without fully understanding their rights and obligations under Canada’s Employment Law. Or they suffer harassment at the workplace and feel helpless. Or they receive a severance package and don’t know if it is fair. Or they receive a nasty letter from their former employer threatening to stop them from competing. If this describes you, help has arrived!

In this easy-to-understand volume, you’ll discover practical must-know legal strategies to protect you before, during, at the end of, and after your employment.

Leslie J. Smith, B.A. LL.B., Employment Lawyer and author of the popular ‘Legal Ease’ column for the Burlington Post newspaper (Burlington, Ontario, Canada) since 1997, clearly outlines essential employment laws that directly affect you and shows you how to gather and safeguard necessary evidence to support your case against your employer.


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